Just because your lazy doesn't mean you can loss weight.
Lose the Fat Fast

How to Lose Fat Fast

So after doing some extended research on how to lose my fat ass,

 I’ve decided it would be within my best interest and make a plan. I have tried several times before just going all out eating healthy and working out strong, but that never seems to last long.

I always give up and say I’ll start again on a better day or I’ll try this again next week etc. So I think starting out slow making weekly goals is the way to go. Here is this weeks goals:
Weight Loss Tip of the Day
I don’t know why, but drinking water really helps me. The more water I drink, the better my body functions. (If you don’t like water, put a few drops of apple juice in the glass to give it some flavor.) And I don’t stop drinking before I weigh myself, because I would be kidding myself. Weight loss starts with honesty to yourself.